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Playing Escape Games Online

For those who are looking for a place to spend a few minutes of their time playing challenging games, Theroomescapegames.com will be your home of exciting escape games. If you are in your office, at work, school or at home you can enjoy your break time playing anyone of our games. Room escape games are good mind exercise. Solving every game and figuring out your escape can be very tricky. This helps players develops logical thinking and keep a good eye observation skill. For some this might be fun way to spend some leisure time but unknowingly this helps our mind develop a thinking and analytical habit.

In the world of escape the room games you will notice that there are a few stand out games. Since we have a handful of developers who have been successful in creating games and characters they have capitalized on it and created series or parts of the game released every now and them. One of the most played and top rated games are from games2gather.com featuring Gathe the lady detective. Gathe keeps on getting stuck at weird rooms and everywhere she maybe. This lady always needs rescuing on each escape games that she is on. Medieval Escape games is another famous series and it has already a dozen of releases and most of them have been a good hit. Another game worth mentioning are Diamond Room escapes, Collapsed Building Escape and a few others who have had successful series of games.

In most room escape games you will have to collect objects which you will use to interact with the game. There are also times when you have to move objects to uncover what is hidden behind it. The games would include number or math puzzles, word puzzles and lock or combination lock puzzle. Clues can be found in the game and you can use them to uncover your way to break codes and make your escape. Some escape the room games are under time challenge wherein a must finish the game as quickly as he could to get high or top score. Some other games would also include a definite time, wherein you have to finish within the given time or else you will fail. All of these are designed to increase every games interest on the game. We should commend the creativity and the talents that our game developers have in creating these games. So next time that you feel like playing a game, pay us a visit and try one of our escape games!

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