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Bad Memory Escape 9

I’m surprised that the game which we have here would reached this level. You can see that this game is already on it’s 9th version. We can safely say that it has reached a height that only good games could survive.  The game which we have here is called Bad Memory Escape 9. Do you remember that when [...]

Gathe Escape Little Room

Gathe Escape Little Room will be a super exciting and cute game in the same way. Of course the game that we have is another from which we will have to help Gathe escape from the little room. This game is exciting and yes it’s also full of puzzles that we and Gathe will help [...]

Sky Apartment Escape

Do you know that we keep our games unique and different. That way we keep our players entertained and we give them the best games and total entertainment each time that they pay us a visit. This is a simple strategy that we do. So if you want to play some new escape games you [...]

Escape from Flats

Somebody got stuck inside a beautiful looking flat. Of course we will have to help him get out of there. This will be the objective of the game called Escape from Flats. I have been sharing a lot of games here but I never saw a game with such a great graphics that this escape games [...]

Escape from Empty Room

Escape from Empty Room I do hope that you enjoy the game that we have. I will be playing the game that we have here for the rest of the day. This is very tough game for me, I’m having a hard time solving the puzzles that we have here. There will be more escape [...]

Experimental Room Escape

Experimental Room Escape is a new game which we can enjoy for today. For those who have been waiting for today’s update I’m sorry for the few hours delay. But what is important is that we have anew game to enjoy. Do you think you can escape from this room? This room has been developed [...]

Garden Fountain

Garden Fountain is another game that we have here. Did you remember the game which we shared that features rescuing animals that has been abducted by with and fairies? It was an exciting game. This time another place has been invaded by an evil witch abducting animals and other creatures including fairies. Let us come and rescue [...]

Fire Room Escape

Fire Room Escape is a new game which is inspired by a house burning with fire. Well that is quite an inspiration so if you want to see the out come of this come a long and enjoy this game. Fire will burn a house down and unfortunately you on it. Your time is running out so [...]

Steal Crown and Escape Sapphire Crown

Hi there I have some exciting news for you. Steal Crown games are back. And This time the game will be loaded into our database. The game will be called, Steal Crown and Escape Sapphire Crown. This is a bit different game designed to keep you updated on this beautiful happenings. If you have enjoyed the [...]

Room Escape Office Cabin

Have imagine how an office would look like inside a cabin? I always wanted to work inside a cabin it can be very cozy, but it never crossed my mind that I would be playing a game that is inspired by an office – cabin set up. Well here is a game called Room Escape Office Cabin. I’m [...]

Bad Memory Escape Coffee Time

Bad Memory Escape Coffee Time is another new game which we have here. So as Bad Memory game goes you always end up with no memory pf what just happened. You were having a coffee and then you lost them all. This is so confusing at time and that is what makes the game interesting. So if you [...]

Gathe Escape the Treasure Room

Gathe Escape the Treasure Room is already here and now we will be helping Gathe make an escape on a treasure room. We have come at home in rescuing Gathe from every possible room that she can be trapped in. So now this will be another time that we will have to do it. Let [...]

The Hard Way Escape

The Hard Way Escape is an exciting game which we have here. I’m sure you will enjoy the one that we have here. Don’t be afraid to try this game the name can be very intimidating as it suggests that the game can be very hard to play or some degree of difficulty. I would [...]

Grayscale Attic Escape

Grayscale Attic Escape will be the game that we have for today, this will be the first game and there will be a second one coming up. We always share two escape games every day. So please come and enjoy the games that we have. The first challenge of this game will be visual challenge. [...]

Sony Music Room Studio

I do welcome you to another set of escape games which are inspired by the best electronic companies that we have today. This time the game will be called Sony Music Room Studio. This is a good game with good graphics and good story board. So come on now my dear friends I know that you [...]

The Mugein Escape

Our last game for today will be called The Mugein Escape. I have spent more than an hour playing this game but up until now I’m still wondering why the game is called Mugein. For whatever reason that is what is important is that we enjoy playing these games. That is the beauty of these games. [...]

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is the sequel to the Penthouse Escape. This is one of the best series of parts in the escape games that I have picked. The story goes this way. You were able to escape the penthouse with diamonds with you. You run into another room and there you were locked or [...]

Brick Puzzle Escape

Brick Puzzle Escape will be the game which I will share to all of you. If you like 3D graphics this game will have them all. Just take a look at the games which we have here. You will come to notice that they have been selected and scrutinized. This is a way to make [...]

Esape from the Waterfall

Esape from the Waterfall is a game that is suited for all those wanting a game of adventures and fairies. In this game the evil magician strikes back,  he leaves animals as statues and some a babies captives. It will be left to us escape games players to rescue everyone from the evil magician. The game is so very exciting. To [...]

Mystery House Escape 7

Mystery House Escape 7 is already here my friends. Yesterday I have shared the latest released of the series of games which is Mystery House Escape 8. Actually the seventh version was released earlier but here it’s the last, I was a bit excited yesterday so I have decided to add it anyway. When I see new and [...]

Mystery House Escape 8

I never though that this game will reach a height like this, you can only imagine the game having it’s eight series. My friends here is a game called Mystery House Escape 8. Now you can enjoy the games that we share here, this is not only the best thing that we give but we hand picked each [...]

Shell Room Escape

Shell Room Escape that you can enjoy for the today. There will be a lot of games that will come in a few days so come on now let us enjoy them all. Today we will be giving you a lot of deals which you can use to entertain you on your free time. Whenever [...]

Escape From The Attic

I have here a game which I would like to share this will be called Escape From The Attic. This game is from games2rule one of the best creator and developer of our escape games here. I do hope that you enjoy the games which we are haring. We take pride on coming up with a new game [...]

Barbie Doll Escape

Barbie Doll Escape  is another game which I have something for all of you. I have been missing escape games that can be played anywhere. That is why I was so excited to learn that I’m here updating the site with all the games that I can find. I do hope that the new escape [...]

Green Dude Escape

Green Dude Escape is really funny, for whatever reason I could not think of inclination why it has been called green dude game. I mean I have not seen any green man in there. But I think we should leave this problem to the game creator. Anyway the game is good I can give that [...]

Chinese Archaic Living Room

Chinese Archaic Living Room will be the latest string of cool games which I want to share to all of you. You will noticed that these are good games and I will be coming around to check them all. This is a cool game, I really like the customization or branding side of it. Before [...]

Apartment 3 Escape

Apartment 3 Escape is another old game that we have shared to all of you guys. The game has been around for some time and it has many modifications from newer versions. But if you want to play the oldest or original version of the game here it is. Just wait for a few seconds [...]

Gathe Escape Puppy Room

One again we are being called to help Gathe escape another unusual room. This time the game is called Gathe Escape Puppy Room.  If you have been playing escape games for some time I know that you will be familiar with Gathe. This character has been allover the place and getting trapped in every imaginable room. [...]

Collapsed Brick House Escape

Collapsed Brick House Escape is a good game that I would like to enjoy. You are trapped inside a collapsed brick building. You will have to find a way out of there. You will be faced with a lot of puzzles, and you will also need to collect some energy sphere. Once at the end [...]

Analytical Room Escape

Analytical Room Escape  is today’s hottest game. It is very rare that you come to find analytical room such as this. But one thing is for sure. This will give you total entertainment and complete relaxation time. Entertain yourself with these games. I’m pretty sure you would love to enjoy the best things that we [...]

Escape The Lava Beach

My second game for the day will be called Escape The Lava Beach. I could not imagine swimming at a lava beach can you? The very sight of it can be very terrifying. It will not only be a health hazard but a life hazard too. That is why we need to escape that place. We need a quick [...]

Peter Room Escape

Peter Room Escape will be the best game that we would like to share to all of you. I’m sure that you will like this escape games because they are very good looking and have pleasant surprises coming along. Look at these games and you will see that this has good story table. All you [...]

Three Flower Escape

Three Flower Escape will be the second game which I would like to share to all of you this Monday. I’m wishing that everyone will have a great day here. So now you can start coming here and be able to play all the best escape games that we have. So please stand by because [...]

Undercover Order Twenty Seconds Escape

Undercover Order Twenty Seconds Escape is a game that is safe to say something interesting.  You see the game poses a lot of challenges. The first challenge is the language barrier. This has some kind of Chinese or Japanese language so it’s hard to understand for someone like me. This makes it hard to ready the hints and the objective of [...]

Tiny Attic Escape

Tiny Attic Escape is a new game which I would like to share to all of you. Of course with h=the game that I have here you will be able to test yourself on how you would play a point and click game. So here we will have escape games to lighten up your Sunday [...]

Plane Escape

Plane Escape is not really a new game, but it’s new on our list. Anyway I just to share this to all of you. It’s already Sunday and I hope that enjoy playing this game. So come here my friends book mark our website and play the games every day. We give you daily dose [...]

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