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Bar Escape

Bar Escape is a point to click game that puts you into a real life situation that you will not like to be on. This escape game is really cool to game. You have spent all night at the bar, you have been drunk and well worn out. You have already spent all you money and you [...]

Drunken Room Escape

The time running and you don’t have enough of it. You got to find out how you would make your escape from this Drunken Room Escape. This is a very good game that you can play to spend some time with. You will need to find your way trough the game and figure out how [...]

Check Up Room Escape

Check Up Room Escape will take you into a tight situation. While visiting your doctor for a regular check up you accidentally get trapped in side this room. Time is running and you have to figure out what to do and how to escape from there. The fun of this room game is that you really don’t [...]

Puzzle Room Escape 39

Puzzle Room Escape 39 is a game for every puzzle hungry people out there. Every corner of this room is filled with ingenious puzzle. This is a great escape game simply because they have all kinds of puzzles to solve to make your escape. I just love this game because it challenges my ingenuity and sharpen my [...]

Acid Lab Escape

Playing this Acid Lab Escape you will find yourself trapped inside a laboratory. Since there is no one to help you out that will be up to you to explore the room and figure out your escape. This escape game would involve you being able to find hints and clues inside the room that will [...]

Girlfriend Escape

Girlfriend Escape is a game that would involve you helping your girl friend to escape the room. The thing is you need to solve the puzzles and make small tasks. The door  to your balcony is locked by a combination number. The clues are giving all over the place. Your first clue is hidden behind a gift box [...]

Alcatraz Cell Escape

Alcatraz Cell Escape is another game that will probably blow your mind. Personally I enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are cool and the story line is superb. I have been playing the game since this morning. So far I have collected most of  the items and my inventory tray is almost filled up. This escape game [...]

Cafeteria Escape

Cafeteria Escape will start when you get trapped by your own will inside a cafeteria. This escape game is cool game to play with. The creator tells us that the player hid under one of the tables inside the cafeteria to sneak in free food. Money is too tight so free meals are very much [...]

Escape Diary Room

Escape Diary Room will take you t somebody’s daily life through a diary. Since this is not really your life you will need to escape the game the soonest possible time. This is an exciting escape game to every player who would like to tr  something new. At first I was a bit disappointed at the game. But as [...]

Lovers Room Escape Games

Lovers Room Escape Game, is an unlikely room for you to make your escape. Perhaps this is one of the fancy games I have eve played. You see the game is dated on a valentines day. Of curse you don’t want to be stuck inside the room all alone. Now is your time to make [...]

Luxury Office Escape Games

Luxury Office Escape Game has go you in a tight situation. You see because you love your work so much you have built yourself a fancy work place or office. You love staying here all day long, But of course after the day you will need to go home and rest the day off at [...]

Nekonote Escape

Nekonote Escape,every one loves escape games, as for me it gives me a one of a kind sensation when it comes to solving puzzles and games. This is a really good game that everyone can try on. This game is safe to play for all ages. In this game you are being haunted by the [...]

Obama Presidential Escape

United States presidential election is forth coming, although rumors has it that Obama is not running for re election I’m sure he will be forced to by pressures given by his party members. For now let us  just play Obama Presidential Escape,  a nice escape game that is politically inspired and a little bit funny [...]

One Room of a Cottage

One Room of a Cottage is unbelievable awfully great game.  If you need to find a good game to entertain yourself you can come here anytime you want. Every day we have great game up for everyone. They are all free to to play so come on now and try them all. In this room games the [...]

Rinako Room

Rinako Room is a good game hat you can spend sometime playing. I have been on the game and luckily it did not take long for me to finish it. I really had a great time when playing escape games. Today I want to share to you this Rinako Room just another addition to our [...]

Room Fake

Room Fake if you are up for another challenge this game is just the right one for you. This game has a lot of twists and turns that everyone would love to solve and have fun with. Just open the game on any browser and it will load with no software download needed. In this [...]

Vacation House Escape

Vacation House Escape, will play with your little fancy of being on a vacation house once in a while. For people who really work hard just like you needs a private place to relax. When it comes to a relaxation a once a year vacation could be handy. But in this escape game things will [...]

Steel Room Escape

Steel Room Escape is an astonishing game that everyone can play. You just need to come here and start playing these escape game on your browser. The game will load almost automatically.  This game is a simple point and click game. If you are unsure about an item just click on it and a short description [...]

Store Room Escape

Store Room Escape is another escape game that you can enjoy here. This is a very nice game that every one can enjoy. To play this is game is just very simple. Since you are a person of your craft you keep  a storeroom to keep your stuffs and tools. An unfortunate even happened and [...]

The Great Living Room Escape

The Great Living Room Escape is here to give as the gaming entertainment that we all love. This is really interesting escape game that we have added to our new collection of games here. I really like the game because it has a good graphics. The colors are so lively and engaging. The story line [...]

The 19th Escape

The 19th Escape is another free to play point and click game that we have added to our collections of escape games. This is good game which you can play to kill your boredom. Perhaps you can try the game during your free time. It will be worth it I assure you that. There a few things [...]

Eight Digit Room

This game is all about the number eight. That is why it’s called Eight Digit Room. Even the room itself is shape like the number Eight. You are trapped inside this weired room and you will have to escape from there. Your clues and objects needed to escape will be related to number eight. This [...]

Bunny House Escape Game

When you want to play this game called Bunny House Escape Game you are entering the home of the easter bunny. The rule is simple you are inside his house and you are preparing a good surprise for him. You will have to color all the easter eggs and get out of th house before [...]

Baby Escape

It’s hero time with Baby Escape a new game from This time a cute little baby is trapped in side the room. It will be your duty to get that child out of that place. Thus your escape game will begin. You are allowed to use all the item that you can find from [...]

Poster Room Escape

Poster Room Escape, is another hit escape game. Everyday I would play room escape games at the office during my free time. And each game I find entertaining then I would share it to everyone here. If you are fond of graphical art or any other imagery art then this is the best game for you. With [...]

Music Room Escape

Music Room Escape is finally here. This time you are trapped inside a music room and you need to get out of this place. With no memory of what happened and how you get inside this room you are faced with one question how to get out of this fortress. There is only one way out of it. Click and collect the needed items [...]

Murder Escape

Murder Escape is a game that will challenge your wits and courage. To escape from this place you will need to solve a murder case. Put on your thinking cap and start playing the game. This escape game has a lot of twist to it so expect this while playing it. You will have to point and [...]

Medieval Escape 1

Medieval Escape 1 is the first part of this series game. Once you have done playing this escape game you can search our site for the other part of the series. We will have the up with in a few days time.I’m sure you will love to follow this game. We have share a few [...]

Great Basement Escape

Great Basement Escape is a wonderful game that we have just added to our collections of escape games. Although there are people that love spending sometime on their basement. Being trapped inside it is another story. This game will start with you being inside a basement and you will try to escape this place. To do it [...]

Farm Barn Escape

Online gamers here is another special game for all of you. This one is called Farm Barn Escape. We can say that this is the combined idea of a Farmville and Barn City into one. The out come is a great point to click game. With a little twist of course. You are trapped inside [...]

Escape from the Company Dungeon

Escape from the Company Dungeon is another surprising game that everyone can play. I have played he game with a couple of friends. Now it made it easier for us to finish the game. And it’s so much fun sharing a good game with your good friends. But for all of you online games I know you [...]

Escape from the Room

Escape from the Room is another good version of an escape game and room game combined. This is a good game with a good story line coupled with a good graphics. You  can point on objects and click on them too. Clicking an object from the game will transfer it to your items inventory. To [...]

Escape Detention

Escape Detention is a new challenge from our escape games. You have a few minutes or hours to kill.You better spend it with this game. It will sure give you a good time to spent here. You can play this game anytime you want because this is free to play. You will find yourself trapped inside a [...]

Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape will put you in a tight situation. Being trapped inside a dungeon where it seem impossible to escape. But yes there is a good way to make an escape from this game. All you have to do is collect all the needed items from all over the place. You also have to solve all the [...]

Being One Bloodbath Escape

Being One Bloodbath Escape This game is the first part of the series. I’m not quite sure how many series do we have here I have already seen four of them. This is a terrifying game. It tool me a few hours to fishing it. This is a point to click game. From the moment you have click on [...]

Mount House Escape

Mount House Escape is another addition to our collection of thrilling escape games. Enjoy the game for as log as your heart desired. This is a good game for everyone to play. It’s free to play and you don’t need anything but a computer with a mouse to play it. Just  point and click, you can hover [...]

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