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Recently Added Room Escape Games

Gambling Room Escape

Gambling Room Escape is a new game added to our collection. Lets take it this way. You were out gambling last night. You have lost every cash you have and you are heavily indebted. Your gambling folks locked you inside this room until you made payment. That is how this escape game will start. You [...]

Red Puzzle Room

Red Puzzle Room, is a new game that will satisfy all puzzle hungry people. This is an incredible escape game which I can recommend to all players out there.  There are more than a dozen of puzzles out here placed on different places of the room. You will have to solve all of them o escape the game. You [...]

Lounge Room Escape

Lounge Room Escape is another game from Factory Escape. The time is ticking and you need to make your way out from this room games. Go ahead and figure out your escape, you can pick all the items you will need to finish game. Use this items to interact with the game. Let us see [...]

Happy Hills Escape

Happy Hills Escape, is a good game that will put you in place of a patient that has been there for a long time. We have a lot of escape games here that lets you act like the one of the game. Now you find yourself inside a mental facility. One day you received a mail from [...]

Audio Room Escape

Audio Room Escape is a good game which we would like to share to all of you puzzle and music game lovers. This is a good game which everyone would love to play and would be willing to spend some time with. Just take a good look at this elegant music room. It’s filled with [...]

Greenhouse Escape

The Greenhouse Escape is a new game to our gallery of beautiful escape games. To our every loyal followers we would like to invite you to come and play this game. This would be a good game and a good time to play it. The story is like tis you are trapped inside a greenhouse [...]

Arab Salon Escape

Arab Salon Escape is an exquisite game only for all online gamers we have here. Job job is to explore the whole area and find a way out. Just like any other escape games you will have to find things and use them to interact with the game. You will also need to solve puzzles [...]

Forest House Escape 2

I welcome you to explore and skip the Forest House Escape 2. I so love the game because it allows you to go and roam around a fine house. This is an ideal escape game if you are an adventurous type of person. Imagine you are enjoying a corn cob in front of a fire place. That [...]

Escape from Mr K’s Room

We are please to inform you that we have here a new game Escape from Mr K’s Room. A new game which I would like to share to everyone here. Have you been into a situation where you think you were on a wrong place and a wrong time? Think that this is the same [...]

Escape The Chemical Lab

Hey guys we have a new game which has been created by 123Bee. This time we have Escape The Chemical Lab. This is a good escape game which you would spend some time with this weekend. I hope your weekend is going okay. And everything is just fine. You can try this game and let [...]

Wedding Escape

Wedding Escape is a fancy looking game we have here. The situation is like this your wedding is about to begin and you need to escape from it. For whatever reason that you are escaping from your own wedding that will be up to you. What you should think is you will need to escape [...]

Training Camp Escape

Training Camp Escape is a sophisticated game that every player will enjoy the game. The game will set you inside a dormitory, you are locked inside this room. The  army training is about to start. Since you are on a military training being late means a huge demerit. This is a really good escape game that [...]

The Mountain Lodge Escape

The Mountain Lodge Escape is a new game that you can enjoy and play. We have made it available for you so you can play it for free. This is a beautiful game that you can spend some time with. This is a very good escape game that can double as room game as well. All you [...]

Uboat Escape

Uboat Escape is a good game that you can play. This game is set inside a Uboat or a submarine. This is an exciting escape game. You will need to figure out  how to escape this place. On your exploration of the the whole area you also found out that there is not much air left. So [...]

Locker Room

In this Locker Room game all you need to do is point and click on items to collect them. To move items and use them to interact with the game you will need to click and drag them. This is a very interesting room game that you need to solve. Your aim here to to escape the [...]

Salon Escape

Salon Escape is a point to click game set on the wild west. This is a  good game that you   an play if you need to be entertained for a few minutes. I really love this kind of escape games, enjoy the game my friends. For no apparent reason you find your self trapped [...]

Room Escape Tiny Toys

Room Escape Tiny Toys is another cute game to play. It’s cute because you are inside a tiny toys room. Every thing seems to be small the toys are so cuddly specially the teddy bears and other dolls. But there seem to be something wrong with it. You found out that you are trapped inside this room. Now [...]

Inside Lock Escape

Inside Lock Escape is another game brought to us by games2rule. In this nice looking point to click game you find yourself trapped inside a locked room. Try to figure out how you will escape this room. Collect items and use them to interact with the game. Remember each item you get an d each clue [...]

Avalon Escape

Avalon Escape is another one of our starling games here. Inspired by Shakespeare this game story will give you the right kind of entertainment that you need. It will bring you back to the medieval time, perhaps the darkest times in history. Witches and all bad elements loom the kingdom you live and you are trapped [...]

The First Escape

The First Escape game we have here is something to entertain you. If you are new to room and escape games this will be your chance to play the game. You will notice that you need to explore the entire room and figure out your escape. This is a good game that you need to understand how [...]

Gangster Room Escape

Gangster Room Escape a good game to play. You have been abducted by gangsters and you were trapped inside a sealed room. Since everyone is out your escape game will start. You will need to collect all the items you will need to figure out your escape. You will also be doing some tasks to solve the [...]

Escape the Paint

Escape the Paint on your room before it gets really suffocating. After someone has painted all the walls in your room he also installed an electronic lock into your doors. Now your problem get’s worse, you have a head ache from the bad smell of paint and you can’t get out from the  room. This will [...]

Escape the Laundromat

Escape the Laundrymat is a new game fr you. Something has happened to his laundromat you do’t have an idea who did it but you need to do something before you get in real trouble. You must click on objects to collect them. You also need to use this objects to interact with the game. This is [...]

Laser Room Escape

Laser Room Escape is a game for you to play if you are looking for a game with a vivid graphics. I hope you enjoy this escape game, this is sure to give you complete entertainment. I have been playing the game with my friends and so far we had a good time. Call your friends and let them join [...]

Grand Foot Escape

Grand Foot Escape is different escape game that we have.  In this game you will no longer do the usual point and click. This time it’s a different story. You will to use your arrow keys to play the game. In this game you will run from the cops. While on your foot you will need to escape and [...]

Giant Lock Room Escape

Giant Lock Room is a new entry to out collection of great room games. This game together with all other rooms games we have are all free to play. You can play it on any browser you use. You don’t need to download anything here. The game will load automatically. This is a simple point and [...]

Cosy Living Room

Cosy Living Room is a fancy game for all fancy online gamers out there. This room game is pretty easy to play, your goal is to collect all the items and use them to make your escape. It has a good graphics and great story line. My only tip to  finish the game on time [...]

Room Escape Power Machine

Room Escape Power Machine is an exciting game that we would like to share to all of you. This is an escape game that you can play anytime you want. If you are a person who is technically inclined then this will be a good game for you to play.  The time is running so play [...]

Escape The Music Hall

Escape The Music Hall is a game we would like to dedicate to all our online gamers who are musically inclined. This escape game will test your patience and willingness to finish the game. The story will start when you found out you are trapped inside a music hall. With no one there to help you out you will need [...]

Escape Khafre Pyramid

Escape Khafre Pyramid is cryptic game and also a bit weired to play. Nevertheless we would like to share this to all of you. Because you just love escape games I hope you all like the one we have here. For no definite reason you are trapped inside Khafre Pyramid. The place looks lavish and rich. [...]

Bar Escape

Bar Escape is a point to click game that puts you into a real life situation that you will not like to be on. This escape game is really cool to game. You have spent all night at the bar, you have been drunk and well worn out. You have already spent all you money and you [...]

Drunken Room Escape

The time running and you don’t have enough of it. You got to find out how you would make your escape from this Drunken Room Escape. This is a very good game that you can play to spend some time with. You will need to find your way trough the game and figure out how [...]

Check Up Room Escape

Check Up Room Escape will take you into a tight situation. While visiting your doctor for a regular check up you accidentally get trapped in side this room. Time is running and you have to figure out what to do and how to escape from there. The fun of this room game is that you really don’t [...]

Puzzle Room Escape 39

Puzzle Room Escape 39 is a game for every puzzle hungry people out there. Every corner of this room is filled with ingenious puzzle. This is a great escape game simply because they have all kinds of puzzles to solve to make your escape. I just love this game because it challenges my ingenuity and sharpen my [...]

Acid Lab Escape

Playing this Acid Lab Escape you will find yourself trapped inside a laboratory. Since there is no one to help you out that will be up to you to explore the room and figure out your escape. This escape game would involve you being able to find hints and clues inside the room that will [...]

Girlfriend Escape

Girlfriend Escape is a game that would involve you helping your girl friend to escape the room. The thing is you need to solve the puzzles and make small tasks. The door  to your balcony is locked by a combination number. The clues are giving all over the place. Your first clue is hidden behind a gift box [...]

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