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Recently Added Room Escape Games

Mini Escape 4

As we have promised here is Mini Escape 4. Yesterday I have promised to add this game to our collection that is why here it comes. I like playing Mini Escape games because they are cute as I have said before. Now you can play it too. And I hope that I will be able [...]

Mini Escape 3

Mini Escape 3 is another game added to the mini escape  series. These escape games is too cute to play. Everything here  is miniature. We have already the first two series of this game shared here. Another one will come in a day or two. Escape games like this are pretty good to play while you [...]

Poker Escape

Poker Escape has been added to our vat collection of escape games here. I have personally wanted to add this game because I too like playing games with card puzzles and challenges. The game is pretty  easy to play it’s a simple point and click game.  Click on items to choose them. You can also [...]

Mama Room

Mama Room here is another exciting game which you can play anytime you want to spend some exciting time. If you need some relaxation you could always turn into this game and have a great time. This kind of room game has been on for a good time already, it’s designs are good with equally [...]

Lottery Escape

Lottery Escape is a new game that everyone can play. You can use this game to kill your boredom in between work hours. Just don’t let your boss know about it or your done, or perhaps he might like it as well. This escape games are free to play and be played on any other [...]

Locker Room Escape

Locker Room Escape is another stunning game which you could play. This time you got to find the right keys on the locker room to open all doors and escape the place. Just a simple process of elimination and deduction will make you will the game so grab on to it. Yesterday we have share [...]

Locked in Bathroom

Locked in Bathroom is good game with great graphics added to conventional room games that we play. This time you get stuck inside a bathroom. With no idea how you get in there you are faced with another huge challenge. How do you escape the place. There will be a lot of chances for you [...]

Locked Room Forever 8

Locked Room Forever 8 is the eight sequel the the Locked Room Forever series that we have been sharing here. Again you will have to search the whole room for the 10 magical yellow keys that will open the doors to your escape. This is pretty easy for you if you have already played all [...]

Locked Room Forever 4

Locked Room Forever 4 is another good game which we would like to share to all of you. I really like the game because it takes you to new challenge. It’s really simple to play the game. All you need to do find all 10 yellow keys to escape the place. This kind of escape [...]

Escape the Apartment

Escape the Apartment is another, another escape game which will give you a lot of challenges in store. I had a great time playing the game this weekend. Hopefully you will enjoy it too. We will be keeping this game here together with other good escape games so you can visit us here any time [...]

Erzuroom Escape 1

Erzuroom Escape 1, a few days ago we shared the second sequel to this game. This one come late because, well I was not done plying with it. Putting the kidding aside I would like to make this really clear that game is truly challenging. When I started playing it I feel like I would never play [...]

Enter the Safe Room

Enter the Safe Room is a new challenge for every online gamers.  This room game will put you inside a safe room that seem impossible to escape. There is only way of escaping the game. You only have to solve all the puzzles and collect all the needed items to inter act with the game. Room games [...]

Crazy Machine Escape

Crazy Machine Escape is here to entertain you and give you good gaming entertainment. Please note that all our games here are free to play and they can be played on any other browser that they have. This escape game is a good one and can be a good source of entertainment. Just come here [...]

Empty Room

Empty Room is a good game that you can play right here right now. With our website you will find new room games up daily. So if you are into online gaming you should book mark our website right now so you could easily find us over the net. All our games are free to [...]

Elevator Escape

Elevator Escape is a new game in our gallery. I have been thinking of adding this game here a few days back but could not find the time to do it. I’m glad I have now so I hurried and uploaded it here. I have tried this escape game just last week.  It took me [...]

erzuroom escape 2

Erzuroom escape 2 is the second sequel to the first game with the same name that we will share in a few days. In this point to click game you will be taken into a room which you will need to escape. You will have to collect all the things that you will need to [...]

Date Escape

Date Escape is the coolest game that we have here. Just checkout the graphic it’s so artistic and vivid. You can enjoy the game as much as you want. Invite  your friends over and let them enjoy the game as you just did. Can you imagine escaping a date? If you want to experience it on the first hand [...]

Dassyutu Room 7

Dassyutu Room 7 is a new game added to our list. I was trying to add Dassyutu Room in here but will do very soon. Just stay cool and enjoy this game. one day or another we will have both games up and running here. This is an easy point to click game. Collect all the items you [...]

Dark-Room Escape

Dark-Room Escape will take you to a photo studio and start an escape route. have you ever been in a dark room? Will it’s a little bit creepy right but it’s intended for the pictures to develop well. Now you can expereince being on a dark room with this escape games. Should be a good game for [...]

Mediterranean Mansion Escape

Mediterranean Mansion Escape is pretty good game which we want to share to all of you. This is a pretty good game which we have in the middle of the week. We have prepared this for you only so go ahead and try it out. we would like to hear form our gamers. Visit us here and [...]

Daily Escape 3

Daily Escape 3 is of course the third game of the series. We have been sharing the last two games here from the last few days. If you want to play this games too please refer to our collection of escape games. This should be a great looking collection so you will never run out [...]

Happy Easter Escape 2

Happy Easter Escape 2 is the second part of the game we have shared a few minutes ago. We have adding a lot of escape games here on a daily basis so we are thinking that you might need some more. If that is the case bookmark our page and visit us here every day. [...]

Happy Easter Escape

Happy Easter Escape is a new game that we would like to share to all of you. I wish I was here on Easter to share this game to all of you. But of course I was out and about. It’s better late than never so here is the best escape games that we have [...]

Sealed Room

What would you do if you are inside a Sealed Room? Of course you would like to escape the place. This could be the greatest escape game that you have played. Of course this room games are tested that it can be played on any computer provided you are able to connect to our website. [...]

Room Bath

Room Bath is another room game added to our daily collection. With this game you  can enjoy a day in figuring out the puzzles inside a bath room. Explore the place and find all the possibilities that you can find to get out of the room. This should be a good game for all of you to [...]

Escape the Car

Escape the Car is the first series of escape games that we have added here. This game will challenge your wits and your intelligence. Escape games like this should never be missed. You should be on and looking forward to every release of this games. We are here to give it to all of you. I like the [...]

Escape from the Balls Room

Escape from the Balls Room is the same game that we have shared a month ago. But this time this game has new twists and new story lines. I like the game very much because I think the game is really silly. Just go ahead and try it out. I think you will notice it [...]

Simple Escaping Game 152

Simple Escaping Game 152 is a good game that you can enjoy playing. Once you have click on this game it will automatically download and you will be able to play it on your browser with in a few seconds if not instantly. This is a pretty good escape game which you can share with your friends or challenge [...]

Colored Code Room

Here comes Colored Code Room the newest game that we have in here. I have this added to our colection of room games. I really like this kind of game, because it lets me into a room full of puzzles and games that I could play. I like decoding codes an solving puzzles that is [...]

Escape The China Secret Room

Escape The China Secret Room is a new entry to our humble collection of room games. Today we are proud to give you this point to click game which we know you will have fun with. This is a good game that you can play whenever you have some time to kill. This is sure [...]

Wide Room Escape

Wide Room Escape is a nice point to click game. All you really need to play the game is your mouse. Click on items to select or pick them up. To use the item from your inventory just click and drag them to place where you want to use it. Gather all the items you [...]

Rustic Room Escape

Today we give you another good point to click game name Rustic Room Escape. This room games are being brought to us by In this game you will find yourself trapped inside a rustic room. That is the start of this game. The challenge is figuring out how to make your escape. You will need to [...]

Kitchen Escape is giving us another cool game which we can play. This time this is called Kitchen Escape. Needless to say you are situated inside a locked room. You have to figure out your way out from this room using your intelligence and wits. Collect items you need to escape from this place. The quicker you are [...]

Hostel Room Escape

Hostel Room Escape is a nice game that you can play. This game is been brought to us by 123bee games. The story goes this way. Your friends has played a prank on you. They locked you up inside a room with out your knowledge. This will be your time to go and play this [...]

The Scarlet Room 2

The Scarlet Room 2, is a sequel game to the first game we have share name The Scarlet Room. This is a weired game which you can play. The situation is like this. You were miss lead into an old house which seem to be  a bar. You were offered a drink that seemed to [...]

Fx Room Escape

FX Room Escape is a nice set for a room game. The story goes this way, you are trapped inside an unfamiliar room. You don’t have any recollection how and why you get there. But one thing is for sure you need to get out of there. The only way to do these is by finding all [...]

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