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Recently Added Room Escape Games

Poco 2 Escape 3

Poco 2 Escape 3 is a fun escape game for all of you. If you could remember a month ago we have featured Poco 2 Escape 2 here. This only means that this is the second version of the game. If you like the first version of this escape game I’m sure you will live [...]

The Locker Room Escape

The Locker Room Escape is a new version of  Locker Rooms escape games that we have been sharing to all of you. We found a need to keep you  updated on new new version of each favorite games that we have here. This is to satisfy all the gaming needs of our guests. Today we [...]

Hospital Escaping

Hospital Escaping is another escape game set in a health center. Yesterday I have shared to all of you a game set on a medical clinic. If you have enjoyed that game I’m sure you will love this one too. Just go ahead and try them all. We invite you to play the game my [...]

Escaping Mission

Escaping Mission is a browser based escape games that has an arcade mode. I got some players asking to add more escape games that sets for arcade mode. I was very dazzled from this game. I will be giving out a lot of this games in a day or two. If you noticed that we [...]

Escaping Paris 180

Escaping Paris 180 is another chick game for all the chick players we have. With this game you will be able to enjoy a game that will give you a good gaming experience. Of curse this is a good game just like the other escape Paris game we have shared a few weeks ago. Escape games that [...]

Escape from Scientology Part 2

Escape from Scientology Part 2 is the game that we have promised a few days ago. This time we give you some great game which will give you a different feel into escape games. Our plan is to gather ever escape games here. So if you need a website that covers all the great games there is [...]

Escape the Health Center

Escape the Health Center we just thought that we would give you another game to play. That is why we give you this escape game. The story is simple you find yourself inside a health center and of course you have to escape the place. To do this you will need find all the needed [...]

Cave Escaping

Cave Escaping is another escape game that we have here for you. As always we strive to give you the best escape games every day. This way no one gets disappointed every time you pay us a visit. Gamers are very important to us and it’s equally important that they are satisfied too. That is [...]

Room Escape Personal Office

Room Escape Personal Office is another creations by This has a good story line and a great graphics. The story goes this way. You are trapped inside your personal office. The doors are locked and there is no way out. You must figure out how to get out of there by finding needed items [...]

Escape the Convenience Stores

Escape the Convenience Stores is another one of our classic games. If you are wondering what I mean by classic go ahead and try the game out. This is a typical point and click game. You will be mentally challenged and your wits will be put into test in plying the game out. This is [...]

Live Escape Snow Storm

Live Escape Snow Storm will take you into a new situation. This time you will be tested against nature and against time. It will be a good challenge for you. In this escape games all you need to do is get out of the trapped room. To do this you will need to find items [...]

Pollekes Room Escape 2.1

We have the third series here Pollekes Room Escape 2.1. If you noticed the second sequel was unfinished. Will in this game you will be faced with new challenges. To enjoy the game I recommend that you play the first two games which can be found in our collection of Room games here. We have added them a [...]

The 19th Escape Game

The 19th Escape Game is another escape game that will give you the creeps. If yo are into this kind of games then go ahead and enjoy it with us here. I have been playing this game a few hours ago and it was really cool. It’s a simple point to click game. All you [...]

Horror Escape the Adventures of Marty

Horror Escape the Adventures of Marty is something we have prepared for all horror thrill seekers. I like this kind of games which I would be haring to all of you. While yo are playing it it will send goosebumps into you. This is a hair raising game. We would be glad to keep on sharing this [...]

Escape from the Scientology Land Part 1

Escape from the Scientology Land Part 1 will be the first league of the series that we will soon release here. I like this series of escape games here. Now if you could only visit us here and enjoy all our games we would love to have you here. We will be adding more games daily [...]

Boxhead Rooms

Boxhead Rooms is another cool game which I wanted to share to all of you. This kind of game is really entertaining, it gives the payer a lot of interactivity with the game itself. This is a whole new set of room games from all of us. We will be giving you a lot of gaming experience here [...]

My Lonely Room Escape

My Lonely Room Escape is a good game that you can play in your leisure time. This one is another gift brought to us by In this game you find yourself inside a closed door. You need to get out of there. Your only way of doing that is by finding a the right [...]

Escape Science Lab

Escape Science Lab will bring you inside a science club with you and your friends. You know that it’s always a challenge escaping a science lab specially if you are unfamiliar with the room. But don’t worry this will be a great game. It’s a simple point and click game. Just go ahead and click on items [...]

Clock Tower Escape

Clock Tower Escape is a new escape game which we would like to share to all players here who have been with us all along. We thank you for patronizing our games, That is why we have come here and everyday and share new games each day. This escape games are all free to play. [...]

Escape from the Same Room

Escape from the Same Room is a game by Tesshi-e. I have decided to add this kind of room games here once again. I thought that I would entertain you with the game here. Go ahead and try to solve the puzzles on this game. This game is pretty new. We will be adding new [...]

Juego de Escape lab Complex

Juego de Escape lab Complex will give you the entertainment that you need in your Wednesday relaxation activity. This game will make you feel it’s already weekend because it will take all the stress away from you. I play escape games mainly to entertain myself after a hard day at work. It let me think and be [...]

Escape m3106

Escape m3106 is something weired. I was not able to get what the name of this game meant. I hope you enjoy it so go ahead and play the game. This will be a good game to play. I spent half of my weekend playing these escape games. Unfortunately I was not able to finish [...]

Escape from Comics Room

Escape from Comics Room is another fancy point to click game which we want to share to all of you. Try this game out and see the game for your self. I’m sure you will come to love the game as much as we do. We will be adding more of this kinds. We love [...]

Escape da House 3

Escape da House 3 follows our little tradition of adding up series games. If you dig up our archives up to two months ago we have Escape da House 2 in there with our escape games. I’m not quite sure if we already have the first series. But one thing is for sure it will [...]

Small Keys Room Escape

Small Keys Room Escape is a new surprise to all our online gamers. In this room game all you have to do is find your way out inside this cool looking room. That is where all room games start you try to figure out your escape route. You can figure this out by finding the [...]

Grudge 2 Escape

Grudge 2 is a sure game that will deliver the creeps right into your skin. The background music will send goosebumps into players who will try this game. This game you will have to escape a room which you are unfamiliar with. You just found yourself inside it wit no memory on how you get there. This is a [...]

Cabin Escape

Cabin Escape would stand among our collections of escape games on board because this game has a superb graphics. I really like the look of this game. It’s both cool looking and a good story game. If you have been into a cabin you will love this game because the place would look familiar. If [...]

Pollekes Room Escape 2

Here we have Pollekes Room Escape 2, if I’m not mistaken I have already added the first series of the games. This is pretty good game for you to play. If you are following the series this will be the second release of the game. Just stand by an in a few time we will be [...]

Mini Escape 4

As we have promised here is Mini Escape 4. Yesterday I have promised to add this game to our collection that is why here it comes. I like playing Mini Escape games because they are cute as I have said before. Now you can play it too. And I hope that I will be able [...]

Mini Escape 3

Mini Escape 3 is another game added to the mini escape  series. These escape games is too cute to play. Everything here  is miniature. We have already the first two series of this game shared here. Another one will come in a day or two. Escape games like this are pretty good to play while you [...]

Poker Escape

Poker Escape has been added to our vat collection of escape games here. I have personally wanted to add this game because I too like playing games with card puzzles and challenges. The game is pretty  easy to play it’s a simple point and click game.  Click on items to choose them. You can also [...]

Mama Room

Mama Room here is another exciting game which you can play anytime you want to spend some exciting time. If you need some relaxation you could always turn into this game and have a great time. This kind of room game has been on for a good time already, it’s designs are good with equally [...]

Lottery Escape

Lottery Escape is a new game that everyone can play. You can use this game to kill your boredom in between work hours. Just don’t let your boss know about it or your done, or perhaps he might like it as well. This escape games are free to play and be played on any other [...]

Locker Room Escape

Locker Room Escape is another stunning game which you could play. This time you got to find the right keys on the locker room to open all doors and escape the place. Just a simple process of elimination and deduction will make you will the game so grab on to it. Yesterday we have share [...]

Locked in Bathroom

Locked in Bathroom is good game with great graphics added to conventional room games that we play. This time you get stuck inside a bathroom. With no idea how you get in there you are faced with another huge challenge. How do you escape the place. There will be a lot of chances for you [...]

Locked Room Forever 8

Locked Room Forever 8 is the eight sequel the the Locked Room Forever series that we have been sharing here. Again you will have to search the whole room for the 10 magical yellow keys that will open the doors to your escape. This is pretty easy for you if you have already played all [...]

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