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Little Pony Escape

Little Pony Escape is a new game that we want to share to all of you. With this games all you need to do is point and click on items that you need to choose and pick. You will need to use the items to interact with the game. In this game we will need to rescue [...]

Kids Escape 2

Players of all ages here is a new game which I want you to have and play. Take these Kids Escape 2, the game is cool and yes you have to be very easy on playing the game while it’s on. We will be adding more escape games here and now and yes this is a [...]

Escape the 13th Floor

Do you like a creepy escape game? If you do then come here and enjoy the game. The game we have is called Escape the 13th Floor. In this escape game you just found your self inside the 13th floor. And yes you will have the good chance of having great fun and amusement. You have [...]

Arin Chamber Escape

Arin Chamber Escape is a new game that I have for all of you. This escape games are fun to play and great time to spend with. Just wait a few seconds and the game will load automatically. This is a simple point to click game. All you need to do is look for the items [...]

Shady Old Room

Here is another weird game that we have prepared for all of you. Don’t blame me at all I’m just feeling a little bit weird. So here goes a new game called Shady Old Room. I’m sure all you really need is a good game. So come and enjoy the games my friends I will be right in here waiting [...]

Grayscale Escape Living Room

When you start playing the game don’t think that you are losing your sense of color or your getting color blind. The game has been designed with grey scale design. Just to add mystery to it. So here it goes here is the game called Grayscale Escape Living Room. I’m sure you will enjoy this escape games that [...]

Modern Study Room Escape

Hey I have a new game for all of you. Take these escape games my friends and enjoy the game called Modern Study Room Escape. The game is a simple point and click scheme and you just need to find all the hidden objects and the clues that are given to help you out with your [...]

Gathe Escape Makeup Room

Hello there my fellow gamers, I have here a game which is from game2gather. Yes, here come Gathe and this time we need to help her out of the make up room where she has been stuck. The game is called Gathe Escape Makeup Room. I’m sure you will enjoy the time you spent here playing [...]

Luxury Apartment Escape

Luxury Apartment Escape will be the latest escape game that we have.  I know you just love escape games seated on luxurious places like this one that I have here. But it’s okay I like playing those games too, escape games is our business here. We just love to have new games here for all [...]

Pub Escape

Before you jump in into this groovy game let me ask you this. How many times a week you go your favorite clubs or pubs? If you are a regular customer and patron go ahead and start playing the game. This escape games are best played when you are with friends. The game that I have [...]

Swimming Pool Escape

Today we want to share something from gazzyboy. The escape game that we have here will give you a good time and great entertainment playing it. Please enjoy this Swimming Pool Escape. For people who like me loves to swim and get wet this game is a good one. Summer is here and it’s very hot outside. We [...]

Alien Ship Escape

Players I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you. We have been having a lot of fun here and we want to show you how much we appreciate your time with us. Now we have a brand new game for you. We have here great escape games that we share everyday one [...]

Mr. Bean Escape

Hey guys I wan’t to share to all of you anew game which we have here. I hope you like the game. This one is called Mr. Bean Escape. Now we are faced with a task to help Mr. Bean escape a his room that he is trapped in. The game is really challenging I had a [...]

Great Villa Escape

Hey guys there you are. I hope you are all doing great. What I have here is a fresh game that I challenge you to play. Use these escape games to relieve your stress from work. Just to think of it a few more sleep and it will be weekend soon. Just take it one day at [...]

Vagrancy Strange Living Room Escape

Okay guys I know we all like playing weird games. I have been posting unusual games here and it sells. I hope The game I have here will stir the same attention. We are going a bit stranger with our escape games. Please gibe this game a try, it’s called Vagrancy Strange Living Room Escape. I have to [...]

Lovely Pink Room Escape

Today we have one game which I want to share to those who have been waiting for exciting room games. I think For the past two days I have failed to include room games on my daily sharing. So guys here is Lovely Pink Room Escape. The name may suggest that this is a girly game [...]

Weird Room Escape Part 2

I will not go on elaborating what i good with this game because it may sound unusual. These escape games has been on our watch list, and since it has already been released we give you this right now. Please enjoy the Weird Room Escape Part 2. The game my dear friends is something that you [...]

Gazzyboy Sports Shop Escape

It’s a rainy morning my dear fellas. Here we are raining with escape games. To start with our daily game sharing I want to give you Gazzyboy Sports Shop Escape. Obviously the game is created by gazzyboy. Have you ever walked inside a sports store or shop? At one time or another I know you have. [...]

Workplace Escape

Workplace Escape is another escape game that we have from On this game we are trapped inside a work place where you are challenge to escape. The task will not be easy unless you employ wit and patience. Do you think these escape games are great? If you do then go ahead and be [...]

Repair Room Escape 2

Today we are blessed with many games and exciting puzzles to play. This time we have here a game called Repair Room Escape 2. You are sure to love this game if you are into fixing things and restoring them into their usable form. We all know that repair rooms are full of tools and other [...]

Live Escape Train Track

Live Escape Train Track will give you areal life situation where you are situated on a train track and stuck. You are asked to use your presence of mind and common sense to escape the place. So you think you can do it?  If you think you are brace yourself and be ready to play [...]

Escape the Cave 3

It’s time that I give you a new game. This time I have here Escape the Cave 3. Clearly this game is the third game in the series. Escape games are fun to play. And yes we enjoy playing  it that is why we love to share the fun with all of you guys. So be [...]

Objects Hunter – Beautiful Room

Hello there, I know you have been waiting for room games. Your wait is over here we have some great games that you can enjoy. Today here is a beautiful room game that we have just for you. I hope you enjoy this Objects Hunter – Beautiful Room. Enjoy the game and have time playing it [...]

Must Escape the Rooftop

The game has a funny name. We call it Must Escape the Rooftop. With the game that we have here there is only one way to escape jump over the roof top. The question is will you survive the fall? That what you need to think about. If you want to play it safe, try to [...]

Digital Bathroom Escape

We have shared a lot of bathroom escape games here. It would seem that this is the most theme chosen by designers and programmers. Perhaps it’s because of the popularity of the room. Everyone of us has a good experience of using the room almost everyday. Perhaps what they want is to connect with their gamers. Today I give you [...]

Train Station Escape

Ahoy players, we are starting with the week and everyone is fresh at work or at home. If you have some spare time come and check these fresh escape games that we have here. The newest game for the week is called Train Station Escape. Have you imagined yourself being trapped in a train station? If [...]

Toy Factory Escape

Can you imagine yourself being chained and made as a slave by some evil or mad genius? This is the biggest challenge of the game that we have here. This escape games is pretty challenging and I’m sure you will love it. We call the game Toy Factory Escape, in which you are ordered to keep a machine [...]

Teleporter Escape

In the game that we have here we call it Teleporter Escape. With this game we will be taken into a place that only our imagination can take us tom and only our imagination can take us out from there as well. To start these escape games you will find yourself in a different planet [...]

Electronic Showroom Escape

Hello guys I know you are here to have a good gaming experience. That is why we are also here to give it to you. One of the classic escape games from gazzyboy is this Electronic Showroom Escape. The story is simple, you went into an electronic store to buy something. You get trapped inside it and you [...]

Dracula Palace Escape

Dracula Palace Escape is one of our most hair raising games which has been created by  Dracula has been a popular characters of stories, movies and every where. Now we get to experience how is it by being inside one of the mysterious palace. On thees escape games we assume that we are trapped inside a room that [...]

Cozy Room Escape

Could you imagine being inside a cozy room? Perhaps you can’t but with the game that we have here we will bring you somewhere you will love to be with. The only problem is you are locked inside it. This escape games that we have here have been designed to give you the thrill that [...]

Books Room Escape

Books Room Escape is something that we have prepared for the book lovers out there. With the games that we have here you will be sure to have a lot of fun and enjoy the game that we offer here. Escape game like these are fun to play and they are all pretty good. If [...]

Bachelors Escape

Yes my friends we are here to play the game and you are all welcome to come here an join us. The game we are giving out is something that everyone can enjoy. They are all free to play games and you will be having a lot of fun here. With all the escape games [...]

Room Escape My Lipstick

With our intention of giving away a lot of room games everyday we have come up with another good game which we want to share to all of you. Here we are proud to give you Room Escape My Lipstick which is the newest game that we have added to our collection. The game is for [...]

Casino Escape

Once again we have reached the final game for the day, here we have Casino Escape. This escape games are created by Gazzyboy and other creators we have here. I have posted the game here so every one can access it and enjoy the game. This time you will find your self trapped inside a [...]

Poor Pantry Escape

Poor Pantry Escape is a new game that will bring you to a place that is almost empty. The doors leading out of the room is locked and so as the other doors therein and that would include the fridge door. Talking about challenges this one has been a good one.It took me several hours [...]

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