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Room Escape 7 Door House

Room Escape 7 Door House is the second game that I promised to all of you. The truth is I’m stuck with the other game and I have not started playing this one yet. But I will do it very soon, every escape games posted here comes under my meticulous scrutiny. That way I’m assured that only [...]

Way to Escape 2

We all know that game developers would often give out several series when it comes to popular games. So now I give you these game called Way to Escape 2. This is another set of good games and the best that we have in that sense. I have been playing the game for about an hour now. I [...]

Escape from Oubliette

Somebody is trapped inside the Oubliette room and he need our help to escape. Let us go and hunt for clues and objects which could help him escape. The game is called Escape from Oubliette. When playing this game I’m sure you will appreciate more what escape games are. With it’s nice graphics and good story [...]

Bad Memory Escape 8

So now this game has come to it’s eight game series. Players please enjoy this  Bad Memory Escape 8. I like the game because I have been following it ever since the first series come out. True to the title, you will have to start the game with no memory or recognition whatsoever. So now here we have another set of [...]

Juicy Room Escape

For what ever reason this room is called Juicy Room Escape. I don’t really know about anything in this gaming world until I have been acquainted with point to click games and escape games.  Well I owe a lot of my gaming experiences to creators of such great games. Look at what we have here. This one is a something weird. [...]

Escape The Game Room

Escape The Game Room is another game which I would like to share to all of you. Of course this game is a good one and you will be brought to you favorite room in the house. The Gaming room, but after sometime playing you found out that you are trapped inside the room. So now [...]

Gold Room Escape 8

Gold Room Escape 8 is a game that has both the elements of escape games and room games combined. I know the game which we have here will give you a huge break. Listen up the game objective here is to find the golden key and make your escape. But to do these you must [...]

Room Escapist

Room Escapist is a new game developed by games2rule. In this escape game we are challenged to make an escape inside a locked door. So we will have to pretend that we are inside an empty office with no one around. The clues on how to escape are scattered around the room and it will be up [...]

Death Valley Escape

Death Valley Escape is the newest point to click game that we have here. Your aim is to escape a place that will kill you when you stay much longer. Alas it’s called death valley. I’m sure you will enjoy these games so come on now and start playing them. Escape games are always fun to play [...]

Hidden Objects Music Room

Hey guys I have new room games here. I know you are very much acquainted with escape games here but I just thought perhaps somebody would want a room game. And so I have added this game called Hidden Objects Music Room. So you see now we have here some good looking point and click game. This is [...]

Two Minutes Escape

Funny thing is I like the game and i think it’s interesting. But the hard thing about this game is you are given just two minutes to solve play the game. In the game you are given four rooms to escape and you just have two minutes. That means that you only have 30 seconds [...]

Steal Gold And Escape 7 Part 2

Steal Gold And Escape 7 Part 2  is something hot and exciting. I have been playing this game whole morning. Until I’m not able to solve it yet. Perhaps I can do it tonight for the second try. This is really challenging. I hope that you find it the same way. Escape games like these [...]

Puzzle Room Escape 25

The longest running series of escape the room games online is probably this one. I was playing the series 44 of the game last week which is their latest release. I just don’t know if they already released a later version of that one. Buttoday I have found an older version so I want to share this [...]

Great Tomb Escape

Great Tomb Escape is the newest game that we want to give to all of you. I like the game it has vivid and artistic graphics and it used cryptic riddles to challenge every user. On the game there is a walk through that is being developed by gamers like you.I hope it helped you out. This [...]

Greenish Room Escape

Greenish Room Escape  is a new escape games that we have prepared for all of you. So you have been having a good weekend and now you are back into your office desk facing boring work day. To kill the boredom let me give you these games which will give you some entertainment. The room is so [...]

Diamond Room Escape Summer

Finally we are back with more games to share. We have not been around yesterday but now we are back for more games. The one we have here is a good escape game. The game is called Diamond Room Escape Summer. Well the game involves as simple point and clicking game. That is why now we [...]

Colorful Room Decorations

Colorful Room Decorations  is a new game that is very different from our collection of room games. We want to try something different and something that will trigger your creativity too. So you think you could try this? Go ahead and be very quick with playing the game. We have dozens of more of this [...]

Barbie Cute Room

Now we have some light games which we think you should love to have. Here are the newest room games in town. Now we have something that is called Barbie Cute Room. This is a point to click game. We strive to come up with games which are very suitable for all ages and for every [...]

Clean Janice Room Hidden Object

Nest we have another hidden object game as I have promised. This i the beauty of having great games here because point to click games have a lot of variety. Now we will have a new room game that I want to share to all of you. The game I want to present to all [...]

Black Room Hidden Object

Hey there folks. Now I want to share something different. This time I have here hidden object games that are placed like room games. Actually I have two of these games. So this will be a double treat. Now I first give you this game called Black Room Hidden Object .  This is an easy game [...]

Mystery Palace Escape 2

Mystery Palace Escape 2 is the second part of the series that is needless to say but there you go anyway. You know these escape games tend to follow a pattern. Each time there is a new concept and it has been liked by players creators would do several sequels to the game. Not that [...]

Blue Tit Escape

Hi there, good day to all of you. Now I want to share to all of you these escape games that I have here. Please allow me to introduce this game called Blue Tit Escape . The game is a fine way of killing our boredom. Did you know that by visiting us here every day [...]

Private Eye Escape

Private Eye Escape is perhaps the coolest game that we have here. I think as everyone would expect from the game is an outstanding in many aspects. When it comes to design and graphics this is a stand out. When it comes to gaming aspect the puzzles and riddles are superb. Once you have [...]

New Look Room Escape

Again we are at the middle of the week and we are bored with office work and routine work. To break the cycle and kill the boredom we give you a god game which you can play online. The game is called New Look Room Escape.  So far this is the coolest escape game that we [...]

Classic Bed Room Escape

My second game for the day is something from The game is called Classic Bed Room Escape. This is a simple point and click game. All you need to do is click on the objects with in the game to collect them. All the objects that you have collected can be used to interact with [...]

Hidden Objects Trend Room

Hidden Objects Trend Room is another game that we want to share to all of you. The game which we want everyone to spend some time with is par of our room games collection. In fact the game is a combination of room games and hidden object games. You must lick on the right object [...]


Players, have you been having a great day so far? Have you been enjoying our games here? Perhaps you have been working hard. Relax have a break and enjoy these escape games we have for all of you. Today my second game for you is called Labscape. You will have to navigate around the lab and [...]

Ship Escape

The week has just started and we are all busy for work. It’s good to have a busy day. But if you will have a break it will be even better if you have something to spend some time with. So here are new escape games which we want to share to all of you. [...]

Medieval Escape 5

Medieval Escape 5 is needless to say the fifth game in the series. Of course you will have to play it and be very creative when playing it. I have been having a lot of escape games added here every day.  I know you like escape games games that is why we share them here every [...]

House of Wax Escape

Before the weekend is over I want to share something for all of you. We have here a game called House of Wax Escape. The game is inspired the movie house of wax. The object in this game is simple we need to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by some weirdo’s. Our job is to help the [...]

Ice Cream Parlor Escape

We regularly add games from Cazzyboy here. That is why we have another good game for you. You can start playing the game that we have here that is called Ice Cream Parlor Escape . Since it’s already summer you have been experiencing the heat and you want to escape it. To do it you will have decided to enjoy [...]

Class Room Escape

In this game we have to help a student named Joe escape a boring class room. The game is called Class Room Escape. In playing the game you must make it on a stealth mode. This means that we should avoid drawing any attention to whatever you are doing Avoid the alarms and avoid to break any item. [...]

Sunny Island Escape

As I have said on my previous post I will be sharing two games from melting minds. Well this will be the second game for today. This one is called Sunny Island Escape. Although the game has pretty much the same theme as the first game that we shared this one has a different story line [...]

Sandy Beach Escape

Tell you what today we have two games from melting minds. The first game is the one we are sharing here this one is called Sandy Beach Escape, the second game will be shared a little bit later.  I hope you will enjoy the escape games we have here. Yes the one we have here is [...]

Magic Door Escape

I have a second game for the day. Please enjoy the game called Magic Door Escape. I hope you enjoy the game. I do hope you enjoy it. All I can tell you is this escape games are tricky to play. We have been sharing the same games for a long time now and we [...]

Escape from the Working Room

It will be weekend soon and we are all excited for it. So what will you be doing this weekend? Would do what I do? Set back munch some chips and sip some soda while battling  good escape games? If you do the same perhaps I an recommend you play this game called Escape from the Working [...]

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