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Music Shop Escape

Music Shop Escape is the name of this new game. For people who are like me who is fond of music, it’s always a pleasure to walk around music shops and look at the shiny and glimmering musical instruments. This is life little pleasures I must say. But somebody regretted he done it. Some one get trapped inside a [...]

Modern Living Room Escape

Lets play hide and seek, this is the general theme of the game. Before escape games and online games come to us our parents used to play this game but now no more. While playing hide and seek a child get trapped inside this modern looking and fully furnished living room. Let us help the little child [...]

Scary Escape

People listen up, let us be serious now. I have here some hair raising super creepy game that I would like to share to all of you. Of course you will love the game I have and I know you will enjoy it. This one is called Scary Escape. Before you click the start to play [...]

Dorm Room Escape

The game I have here are specially for those who are staying on dorms and away from home. The game is inspired by dormitories that is why it’s called Dorm Room Escape. So if you are staying on a dorm or a college dorm you will be able to relate to these escape games. This game is not [...]

Concrete Basement Escape 4

And so we have reached the fourth part of the series. Here we would like to give you a game called Concrete Basement Escape 4. Of course you will need to find things here, to name a few you need to look for golds, diamonds and finally the key that you can use to escape. Find [...]

Kids Bed Room

Kids Bed Room  is an exciting game which we would like to share to all of you. This is not an escape game but it’s more of a room game. In this room by finding hidden objects, you will be able to find all the hidden objects with in the frame. The challenge is quite simple you have to [...]

Little Hazzy Escape

Hello there gamers I have been coming here to give you the best games we ever had. I’m sure the games that we have here will give you the best promo offers that you can ever have. We have loads of games coming up so please stand by while we give them to you. We will be [...]

Visitor’s Room Escape

For this game that we have here. I am very sure that you will be confused because of the many items which you can collect. You will be confused or you will have problems where to put them or how to use them. You have to know the functions of the different items to proceed [...]

Numbscape Summer Room

Numbscape Summer Room is a new challenging game which we have here. With the game that we have you will befaced with a great challenge. You are trapped inside a room on which the door is locked and it’s been equipped with a number luck. You will have to decipher the number combination to unlock these escape games. Clues [...]

Gathe Escape Middle School

Gathe Escape Middle School  is another game which we would like to share to all of you. I do hope you enjoy playing the games that we have here. The game will give you a chance to have a break and enjoy a few minutes of your time. We will be helping Gathe escape the room. Gathe [...]

Leaving Your Room Game

This game is a little bit unusual. Maybe that is why it has also an unusual name which is Leaving Your Room Game. Obviously you will be challenged by leaving a room where in you will find your self trapped. You will have to use your mouse to point and clock on the right objects to interact with the [...]

Home Office Escape

Are you working from home? Or perhaps you make you office work as your home? Either way what I’m trying to suggest here is that you can combine both work and your home. Just take a look this called Home Office Escape. The scenery on this game is the perfect example. Only that on this example [...]

Ruby Room Escape Summer

Here we have another game which sounds familiar, the game is called Ruby Room Escape Summer. If you are wondering why does it sound so familiar you will need to go back to our previous posts and you will notice that there are several Ruby Room escape games. Each of the games has different themes to [...]

New York Room Escape

In this game we get to see the best of the Big Apple! With the game we have here this is called New York Room Escape. The room located several floors high on a sky scraper apartment with panoramic view of the best in New York. So now we get to see the best this city [...]

Tidy Room Escape

One day you were cleaning your room. While you were busy cleaning the room your mother did not noticed that you were inside. Shen then locked your room with you inside it. Because you are very inpatient to wait for here to get home you tried your best to escape from that room. That is [...]

House Hunted Escape 2

With the use of your mouse to interact with these escape games and a lot of wits. You will be challenge to solve puzzles and unlock rooms to make your escape. In this game called House Hunted Escape 2, you are left inside a haunted house. To your demise you found out that you are not [...]

Escape From Ice Mountain

The second game for today is another stunner. Wait let me reword that, we have another stunning game for today! That sounds better, but on the other hand all our games are stunning. But hey lets leave it that way I just want to say that this time we have a second version of escape [...]

Great Room Escape

Hey there, I just want to ask how is your week going? I hope you are doing fine. Even then I still wish that it will be weekend soon. But don’t worry because while you are at work I’m also working hard here to deliver the best escape games that I can find. Today I [...]

Party House Escape

The weekend is over but the party fever is still here. So now we would like to give you some games which you would love to play and enjoy. So here we are giving a new game called Party House Escape. So please come over and play the game that we have prepared for you. Help [...]

Escape From Fort Expanded

If I’m not mistaken I have already added the same a few weeks ago. But this is not entirely the same game. There a re a few dissimilarities with the game that we have here. From here we have a game we would like to share to you a game called Escape From Fort Expanded. We would like [...]

Umang Room Escape

Umang Room Escape is the weirdest escape game that I have seen so far. The room design and the objects found in the room are so bizarre. Nothing that you will not expect from all the game creator that we have here. The possibilities are endless once they have put their creative minds at work. I know that this games [...]

Escape From The Green Floor Room

In this game called Escape From The Green Floor Room you will find your self trapped inside a green floor room. The only thing that you can do is escape the room that you are in. Of course there are a lot of possibilities that you can think but believe me there is only one way [...]

Visitors Room Escape

Here is a new game from, this one is called Visitors Room Escape. I am sure you will enjoy the games we have here. It’s weekend and we should all be having fun with all the games that we can find. Plus we have exciting escape games here that is ready for us to be [...]

Stolen Key Escape

Here we have a new game called Stolen Key Escape.  Hello my friends I have been having a good time here. There are two reasons why we should enjoy this. The first thing is it’s weekend and we have all the time that we need to play all the game we need. Second is we are [...]

Traditional Room Escape

Traditional Room Escape is a new game that we have here. Although the settings for this game is situated inside a traditional room it does not mean that you have a traditional way of escaping from this place.  This escape games are the newest release. So now if you are looking for new games come [...]

Castle Bedroom Escape

Castle Bedroom Escape is here and we can start playing it. In this game the player is situated inside a castle bedroom. The door to the exit is locked and there is little we can do to make an escape attempt. Of course the only way about it is to figure out how to use [...]

The Dilemma Escape Game

The Dilemma Escape Game is a really a great challenge. So you think you can solve all the puzzles that we have here, why don’t you try paying attention to this escape games. You will find that this games are really good to play and can help you improve your thinking and analytic skill. Why don’t you [...]

Funny Room Escape

Don’t ask me because I really don’t know why this one is called funny room but as the tittle suggest this is called Funny Room Escape. But one thing is for sure once we start playing this game fun will never cease to come. I have been away for awhile but it does not stop me [...]

The Panic Room

This game is inspired by the movie Panic Room, If you think that the game is too old, you are wrong. This is a new set of escape games. This has been made for you to enjoy so you better grab the game and start playing it right now. The game is called The Panic Room. This is [...]

China Ancient Wing Room Escape

China Ancient Wing Room Escape is a new game that we have here. I have been keeping this game in the bin for long time now. Of course this is a good game and we can all have fun playing it. This escape games will be the next big thing in the online gaming world. [...]

Winery Escape

Hey there it took me a while to share this game and I apologize for that delay. But today we have this Winery Escape as the newest game that we have. I like the game that we have I have been playing this game and I have been having time with it. I really like [...]

Safes House Escape

Safes House Escape is a new escape game which we may play for amusement. This game is not that different from the previous posted games. The only difference is the settings. This game that we have now is settled in a safe house. You were trapped inside a safe house and you do not know [...]

RGB Room Escape

Finally I have come to my last game of the day. The game I want to leave to all of you is called RGB Room Escape. In his game you are faced with loads of challenges. But of course all of this challenges you will have to answer and solve puzzles. If you are into escape games [...]

Escape from the Canyon Cave

Here is a real challenge, I have never seen anything like this. I hope you are for this games because I am up for it. Grab the games right now and start playing it. This game is called Escape from the Canyon Cave. If you want to try this game out you are up for a [...]

Dandy Room Escape

What would you do if you are trapped inside a Dandy room? Well that is terrifying, and yes with this game called Dandy Room Escape you will be faced with lots of puzzles and tricks that you need to solve. We will be helping someone trapped inside this room escape. If you are ready to help [...]

Bluevary Room Escape

Here we have a game called Bluevary Room Escape with this game I’m sure you will have good fix for your weekend getaway. With all the escape games that we have I’m sure you will find anything that you are looking for. We have everything from point to click games to hidden object room games. If [...]

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