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Recently Added Room Escape Games

Escape Green Room

Escape Green Room is fun game to solve and finish. Can you finish it real quick? You will never know unless you tried. I challenge you to play this game and finish it at a very short time. You can tell how sharp you are when you have done so. You can also play this [...]

Gallery Escape

Gallery Escape is another game that you can enjoy while on your free time. Escape games are really challenging and will keep you busy. In fact while playing it you won’t notice the time pass by. Got some time to waste, play this game and you will have a good time. This is also a [...]

Crimson Room

Crimson Room is another addition to our list of room games. In the coming days expect that this list will grow. We will be adding more similar games that everyone can enjoy for free. Yes that is right you can play all the games here for free. This loads very easily and with no download [...]

Escape from the Kitchen

The ultimate goal is playing this Escape from the Kitchen game is to get out of this lovely room. To do that you will need to find the only key to open up the door. You must also collect items that you can use to solve puzzle and other things. Try opening up the cabinets [...]

Ecru Room Escape

Ecru Room Escape is another free to play game that everyone can enjoy.  People from all walks of life can play thin regardless of age. Adults and young people are equally challenged with this game. It’s time that you try to escape the room and see how far you can go. This game which is a combination [...]

Escape Chestnut Room

Escape Chestnut Room is something for the adventurous type of gamers. You have to solve all the puzzles to complete the game. Find objects to and complete items. It’s like looking for hidden treasures. If your stuck somewhere and you need something to do to keep you entertained this is the right game for you. Escape games [...]

Easy Peasy Escape 2

If you have enjoyed plying Easy Peasy Escape and you want to take it to the next level this Easy Peasy Escape 2 is the right game for you. The difficulty level has been doubled, with more objects to find and more puzzles to solve. You can play on this game for hours and I know you [...]

Easy Peasy Escape

Easy Peasy Escape is will recommended for those who are new to escape game. This is a good game to get the feel of solving puzzles. It loads very fast with no downloads because you can play it in any browser. Although it’s easy to play it will still have the spice of challenging your brain and making you [...]

DS Room Escape 3

For those who enjoy playing escape games or now you can play both in just one game and that is DS Room Escape 3. I really had fun plying this game, i did not finished it yet but of course I will have to finish it soon. I found a few items behind the flying saucer and behind [...]

Cave Escaper

Cave Escaper is another exciting game we just add to this site. Everyone can enjoy this for free. You have a set of levels to complete and finish the game. If you like adventure game and escape games this combination is your best bet. You will be entertained with the good graphics and story line [...]

Capybara Room

Got some time to kill? Spend a relaxing time while plying Capybara Room this is a cute designed room game to set your mood. Perhaps you can do this on your office breaks. Just to ease the tension at work. Or you could encourage your kids to play this game. This is very nice game [...]

Black Room

Black Room is another mind teaser game, that is equally entertaining and mind enhancer. You will be challenged to use all your wits just to solve the puzzle. Some of the answers and clues are hidden or on the most unexpected place making it fun to play. Lets say how you finish the game and [...]

Garage Escape

Garage Escape is a challenging escape game that everyone can take the challenge. This is a good thing to do and you will not wonder how time will fly. The first challenge tis to look for the clues to open the door. Can you get the right combination? You will need piece out all the [...]

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