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How to Use This Room Escape Games Site

For people who likes mental games and other puzzle related challenges online can be a good place to find the best free games for them. A lot of these folks find their way here to play our escape games. Each day we feature a couple if not more room escape games. Escape the room games has simple objective, get out of the room or place to finish the game. These are flash games which are browser based. A player only needs to have a computer with a mouse and decent internet connection to start playing. All of the games found here are free to play with no download needed.

Some of the games which we feature are from known flash games and escape games developers like games2rule.com, games2gather.com and 123bee.com to name a few of them. Once in a while we also share great games from new and start up developers. To make sure that gamers get the best gaming experience every game we share must be based on two factors, which also determine our goals here. First the game must be new, we strive to be the first to share the latest game online. Second is the game must be of good quality or must possess a playable edge to our standards. These means that beside from being new the game must also be made with novelty. This makes our handpicked games appealing to every player seeking entertainment with room escape games.

On the homepage you will find the latest games that we have with corresponding title and preview image. Once you have clicked the thumbnail your game will start to load. Below the game you have a short description on what to expect about the game. We avoid giving full walkthrough on descriptions because this can ruin the thrill of solving each puzzle. We just give enough information to give you a fair idea about the game. The game will load in a few seconds if not instantly depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Below each game we have a comment box this is where you can share your thoughts about the game. You can also use these to communicate with other escape games users. Perhaps you would like to share your walkthrough this will be the right place to do it. In fact we encourage our players to discuss the games with one another. This way we can build our own community or network of escape the room games players.

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