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Gazzyboy Garage Escape

Gazzyboy Garage Escape this is another game from gazzyboy. This is one of the top rated escape games that we have shared to all of you. if you h ave not played the game yet I’m sure you will love. But you might be familiar with the game already because it has been around for sometime now. [...]

Gazzyboy Harry Potter Escape

Gazzyboy Harry Potter Escape is another game inspired by the movie hit Harry Potter. The game is packed with magical stuff and loads of tricks. It might be a bit hard to figure out what to do next but if you get stuck e sure to click on the walk trough video. This will help a will show [...]


FarmEscape is of course a game inspired by farm ville. Putting a point to click style game twist into it an what we have is a great escape games. I like the game having 3D graphics into it. It’s very pleasing to our eye and will be a good thing to have around when you [...]

Toy Shop Escape

Toy Shop Escape is a new game which has been created by this point to click game we are trapped inside a toy shop. With that being said there is no telling that this is one of our good escape games here to date. While on the game look for hints and clues to [...]

Medieval Escape 2

Medieval Escape 2 is the second series of the medieval escape games that we have published here a few days back. If you have enjoyed the first game then I’m sure you will love this game too. Just go ahead to and try the game this will a be huge success if you finish it. I’m trying to make a [...]

Diamond Room Escape Easter

Diamond Room Escape Easter is a new game which we want to share to all of you.  In this escape game you will have to find some objects specially diamonds to escape the room. But to find the diamonds you will have to find objects that will lead your way to the diamonds. Sounds like fun? If you [...]

Bad Memory Escape Mini

Bad Memory Escape Mini is another game that we have here. Of course in this game you have lost your memory again. Luckily you have not lost your mind so you are able to make a good escape from this place. In this escape game you are able to find things and solve puzzles along the way. [...]

Momu Escape

Momu Escape is a cute game which aims to helping a cute little blue monster make it out of the room. Yes Momu is a monster but he is harmless, he know nothing but to look cute.  In this escape games we will be asked to collect hidden things and solve all puzzles. That way [...]

Safes Room: Escape More Safes

Safes Room: Escape More Safes is finally here and it’s included in our free to play point to click games. And so you are situated in a room called Safes Room. The thing is you are in a locked room with a code and it’s impossible for you to get out without breaking the code. [...]

The Furtive Escape

The Furtive Escape is a new escape games that we have found from a new creator called Kolemana games. But of course this is something which will give you all the gaming entertainment that you will need or expect from a point and click games such as this ones. What you will do is just [...]

The Tower Escape

The Tower Escape is another game from rooms to escape. It’s the same website who have created the blue dungeon escape which we have presented earlier. In this escape games we have to look for items and objects hidden all over the place. That is the beauty of this game. Once you have already fund all the items [...]

The Blue Scale Escape Dungeon

The Blue Scale Escape Dungeon is a very unlikely blue room to be trapped inside. Not only that it’s creepy you will also encounter some human remains like bones all over the place. At first it will be very confusing but just to explore the whole room with your cursor.Click randomly anywhere.Once you get used to it [...]

Tutorial Room Escape

Finally we have a new game this one is called Tutorial Room Escape. On this game all you need to do is help a child trapped inside a room. All we can do to help him is play this escape games. Of course this is a good game which you can play and we can [...]

Dark Ruby Room Escape

Dark Ruby Room Escape is a cool game which I want to share to all of you today. In this escape games it’s just an easy point and click game. If you are stuck you can always resort to random clicking which worked for me most of the time. This game is a combination of [...]

Gorilla Escape

Today we have here a second game from we call this game Gorilla Escape. The gaming portal says it’s their newest game,so I thought it would be worth the while to share it with all of you. With this escape games you will be bought to a new world where you are given a mission to finish. [...]

Angel  Escape

Angel Escape is the newest game released from This will be the 206th o their escape games creations and of course we have theme here. To play this game our aim is to find an angel being held trapped by an evil creature. We have to rescue the angel and in doing so we [...]

Steal Gems And Escape 2

Steal Gems And Escape 2 is a game that is packed  with all mysteries and puzzles for all of you to solve. So the trick is find all the hidden gem stones and solve the puzzles as well. That way you can finish this escape games. I have tried the game out I was able to find [...]

Steal Crown and Escape 4

Steal Crown and Escape 4 is he fourth series of the crown stealing game we have here. Of course I love the previous series of the games that is why I have added this one t our list. I hope you all like the game we have here. I will be back with more games [...]

The Naughty Room 3

The Naughty Room 3 will have you trapped inside the room and yes you are to figure out your way out from this room. If you think you can beat this room games then go ahead and play it. This is very easy to play it’s a simple point and click game for everyone. You [...]

Male Fairy Escape 2

So the evil witch has once again strike. With this Male Fairy Escape 2 we will need to help a male fairy return to normal. An evil magician has casted an evil spell into the male fairy turning him into a tree. It  will be up to us to  set the male fairy free. This would be a [...]

Green Condo Room Escape

Green Condo Room Escape is anew fascinating game which we have here. It would be easy for anyone to get fascinated with the game and spent hours exploring this fancy condo. But of course we will have to help someone who is trapped inside. Lets all together help him make his escape. We have to find all the items [...]

Escape the Mist

Escape the Mist is another challenging game that we have here. Of course you will find the game entertaining. And it’s a bit creepy too.  Perhaps it’s also worth mentioning that the game will take you with a hand cursor. Yep that right it’s a hand so you got the illusion of holding each item that you find. This [...]

Musical Store Escape

Musical Store Escape is a silly game to play thinking that you will need to help a manager trapped inside make an escape. So this manager was making an inventory count on all the musical items displayed in the store. But then their store security locked up the doors into the store, never knowing that his boss [...]

Castle Prison Escape

Castle Prison Escape will bring you to medieval era where castle are on and you have been trapped inside one of  them. Now it would be upon you to figure out how you will escape this room. You can use your wits and all tricks you can muster. But my advise is to collect all the hidden objects [...]

The Hermit Room Escape

The Hermit Room Escape is a game I can call that is something peculiar. With all the other things that we have here this game has catch my attention because of the name itself. I have tried playing the game. After a few hours I have not yet finished it. I will continue playing the game [...]

Steal Crown and Escape 3

Steal Crown and Escape 3 is the third game in the series. I’m not quite sure if we already have the first and second part of the games here. You can check our achieves of use the search box to look for the other part of the series. This time you have something to finish. [...]

Sing Escape Hotel

Sing Escape Hotel is another game which has sing on it. This time we have to help Sing get out of a hotel room room which he found himself locked in. This will be the second escape games which we come to help Sing.  Of course this game is a good thing to play. It [...]

Escape Sings Office

Escape Sings Office is another game which we would like to share to all of you. With this game you will be faced with several challenges.  You must accomplish the tasks in order to finish the game. It’s pretty easy point to click game. We wish that you enjoy this escape games which we have here. [...]

Escape from the Lavish Room

Escape from the Lavish Room is something that you can tell to be one of the most played game here. The story goes this way. A group of young elite has been partying inside this lavish room. When they have decided to go out and catch a movie they forgot that someone was sleeping inside one [...]

Steal Gold and Escape 6

Steal Gold and Escape 6 is a new game that we have here. This is the first time that I have encountered the game and it says it’s already part six of the escape games series. I’m not sure if it’s really the sixth part. But I’m sure that if I find the rest of [...]

Bullet Train Escape

Bullet Train Escape is similar to games we have here a few days ago. The only difference is this has different setting, new challenges and puzzles. Of curse these new escape games will give you the entertainment that you need. That is why we are sharing this to all of you. Go ahead and enjoy the game. It’s play [...]

Yacht Puzzle Escape

Yacht Puzzle Escape is the game that I have promised to all of you a few days ago. It’ summer time and everyone is dreaming of vacationing to anywhere far away. Today I’m glad to give you this escape games that we have here. I’m a bit confident that you would love to play it. [...]

Stair Way Escape

Stair Way Escape is somewhat bewitching game. The graphics also tried to convey some optical illusions which are very rare on escape games like this. Once you have started playing the game you will start to understand how this things will work. We will be coming on here on a daily basis and will be [...]

Escape the No Exit 2

Escape the No Exit 2 is a game which you can play whenever you find that you are bored. This escape games that we have here will give you a fine time playing. Go ahead and enjoy this game. Give it a few seconds and the game will load for you to play. We will [...]

Male Fairy Escape

Male Fairy Escape is another fancy game added to our list of escape games.Please don’t be confused with the title.There are really male fairies. It does not mean that this is a gay thing. In fact this game is pretty hard to finish. I bet you will have a go for it. Just wait a few [...]

Lightful Drawing Room Escape

Lightful Drawing Room Escape is a new game which we have added to our vast collection of escape games. I’m sure you will like the game which we have here for you. This is pretty good and very entertaining too. We have been giving away a lot of free games here everyday and we hope that this [...]

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